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Our Committment







"Daryl Cowie is a widely respected figure and an asset to any business."

Mike Gissing,
President and
Chairman of the Board
Foxboro Controls Canada



Access The Expert

Your managers deserve the chance to learn from someone with proven business results,
not just listen to someone trained to train.


On a personal note

"No money isn't everything.

But if you've ever had to look a friend and colleague in the eye to deliver their lay off notice then you know that all the people skills and employee satisfaction in the world means very little if your company can't afford to pay their salaries.

That's why all our training has a focus on achieving real, bottom-line business results.

The good news is that one of the best ways to keep the doors open and the salaries paid is by investing in your people and your customers. The notion that soft skills training and profit based initiatives are somehow competing objectives is bogus. They are intimately related.

You just have to invest wisely in programs that were designed with real business results in mind."



Daryl Cowie
President, Boundless Thinking Inc.




Trainer Bio

  • Top Performing Department Manager
    • Instigated and implemented multiple change management programs in areas others saw as unfixable
    • "Unbelieveable - I never thought you could pull this off" - after a complex 2 year change management program on customer responsiveness and backlog reduction at General Electric
  • Top Performing Product Manager in a Matrixed Organization
    • In this role you need everyone's help and yet no one reports to you
    • 100% people management by influence and negotiation (this really hones the people skills)
  • Multi-Million Dollar Turn-Around
    • Inherited $20M portfolio with multi-year history of sales decline
    • Reversed sales decline and grew to $30M in under 4 years
  • Business Development Strategist
    • Marketing Consultant (influencing consumers with no company ties: the ultimate people skills training)
    • Business Development Consultant and Contractor (since 2005)
  • Grass Roots Startup Experience
    • $250k in first year of incorporation with 2 people
    • Has now reached 1000s of management students in over 30 countries around the world
    • An injection of entrepreneureal outlook is exactly what many big companies need

You deserve the chance to learn from someone with a proven track record of addressing the same struggles you face on a daily basis. No amount of facilitation certification is a suitable substitute for personal access to someone with a proven track record of business success.


Author: Boundless Thinking
Manager Training Solutions

Contact information:
Email: sales@boundlessthinking.com
Telephone: 403-475-3661