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Our Committment



Our Coaching Strategy

Get a lasting return on your training investment.
Strong coaching is the missing component in most manager development plans.

We believe that companies are tired of paying for training that has little to no effect on bottom line performance. A big part of the challenge lies in the strange belief that if someone has taken a course on somethng they are suddenly going to start appling it in their every day life.

As human beings we can absorb new ideas from training, but we rarely start to put things into action without repetition, reinforcement, and support networks to help us through the rough spots. All things provided by an organized group coaching environment. Follow-up coaching is the number one, most effective method for transforming new learning into lasting action.

The best athletes, entertainers and business people all use coaches to be and stay the best.

We Offer 2 Types of Coaching Programs

Integrated Development Program Coaching

Coaching is the bridge between something we know and something we do.

That's why followup coaching is integrated right into most of our manager development programs. Paying for training that never gets applied to real life is a waste of money.

Most of us can recite the right steps to lose weight, get fit, quit smoking, increase employee retention, reduce micro-management and 100s of other things.

So why aren't our offices filled with slim, fit, non-smoking, visionary, delegating managers who hit thier targets and everyone wants to work with?

There's a huge difference between having some concepts in our heads and taking the initiative to put them into action in a way that works for both you and the people around you.

Coaching provides the reinforcement, repetition and personal customization required to turn learning into action. It's the difference between "just another training course"and career changing results.

View courses with integrated coaching

Corporate Initiative Coaching

Our corporate initiative coaching is designed to drive a specific corporate result within your organization.

The goal is often to ensure the success of a change management team working towards a specific corporate objective.

In these cases we work first with the senior management team to establish a clear scope and vision for the desired change.

We then work together with the designated change management team to coordinate coaching sessions with the specific mission of ensuring successful change management planning and execution.

This coaching arrangement reinforces the importance of the initiative, and provides access to a management coach who has successfully implemented complex change management plans in the past, knows the right questions to ask, and will help the team identify and address potential problems before they're out of control.

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Author: Boundless Thinking
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