Business Acumen for Managers
Program Description & Outline

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Course Overview

Most people do not have good business instincts.

We need to be taught what business does, how it operates, how to organize it, how the money flows and not least of all that it really must be designed to provide the most valuable service possilble to our clients and customers.

This business acument training/coaching program lays a solid foundation in business fundamentals.

  • Key Productivity Drivers
  • Understanding What Drives Customer Action
  • Key Revenue Drivers
  • Cost Control Fundamentals
  • Core Business Financials
  • Cash Flow Management Fundamentals

These fundamental skills help managers start making the right daily decisions for real business results.



"I have been able to get major clients in a span of one year... You have given me advice that has been so helpful.


John Kamwaro
Business Owner




"... helped in enormous ways to understand the fundamentals of sales.

I have maintained an increase of 30% a month...

Thank you"

Kerrie Martin
Supplier Manager




"Great managers collect ideas from everywhere and have the business sense to know a good idea when they see it."


Business Sense

Understanding Business & Management

  • Why Are Businesses in Business?
  • Basic Business Organization
  • The Only 2 Ways to Grow Your Business
  • The Top 3 Ways to Shrink a Business

Basic Business Cycles

  • Business Cycle Perspectives - The 50 Thousand Foot View
  • Business Cycles - The Cash Flow Perspective
  • Business Cycles - The Sales Perspective
  • Business Cycles - The Fulfillment Perspective
  • Business Cycles - How Your Perspective Affects Your Customers
  • Business Cycles - The Role of Customer Support Teams

Finance 101 - The Language of Senior Management

  • Top Level Financial Breakdown
  • The Balance Sheet
  • The Profit & Loss Statement
  • Cash Flow Statements
  • Profitability Drivers
The First 3 Weeks
Intensive 3 week training program
  • 6 to 8 hours instruction per week
  • Real world assignments
  • Group coaching sessions
  • Recordings available so you never miss a class
The Next 8 Weeks
Reinforcement and implementation
  • Supplemental weekly training sessions
  • Reinforcement of kickstart lessons
  • Bi-weekly group coaching sessions
  • Office hours for instant support

The part that makes the learning stick and work.


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