Focused Direction for Managers
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Course Overview

All major achievements in life start with a goal.

In business not any old set of goals will do. You need to learn the right kind of goals for business, and learn to communicate them in ways that get others excited and on board.

This manager training/coaching program lays a solid foundation in the power of setting the right types of goals and the strategies required to bring your visions to fruition.

  • How to Choose the Right Goals
  • How to Validate Your Goals
  • How to Communicate Your Goals
  • Building Team Buy-in to Your Goals
  • Maintaining Momentum until Completion

These are fundamental skills to turn managers into strong business leaders.





"Hi Daryl,

I could not stand to stay still any more... Actually I would feel guilty to keep quiet. It's true. The reasons are:

1. I think your [lessons] on achieving goals is great.

2. I felt I was involved in instead of just stay outside.

3. By experiencing your way to develop such business, I generally feel it's really possible...

Best regards,"

Jim Chen

Focused Direction

All Major Acheivements Start With a Goal

  • Set Goals That Actually Matter To Your Business
  • Get To Know Your Top Customers
  • The Difference between Goals and Objectives

How to Set Achievable Goals and Objectives

  • Moving the Needle
  • Prioritizing
  • Choosing Goals from Customer Feedback
  • The Right Number of Goals
  • Setting The Right Objectives
Measureable Acheivement
"If You Can't Measure It We Can't Base Your Bonus On It!"
  • SMART Objectives
  • Using Measurements to Drive Improvements
  • The Combined Power of Focus and Measurement

Staying the Course

  • Make A Deal With Yourself
  • The Two Questions That Will Always Keep You On Track
  • Learning To Say “No” To Your Boss And Peers
  • 15 Simple Time Management Tips
The First 3 Weeks
Intensive 3 week training program
  • Formal instruction three times per week
  • Real world assignments
  • Group coaching sessions
  • Recordings available so you never miss a class
The Next 8 Weeks
Reinforcement and implementation
  • Supplemental weekly training sessions
  • Reinforcement of kickstart lessons
  • Bi-weekly group coaching sessions
  • Office hours for instant support

The part that makes the learning stick and work.


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Set high-value goals...
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