People Skills for Managers
Course Description & Outline

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Course Overview

The knowledge to manage others effectively is not intuitive.
The skills to make strong business decisions are not inborn.

This combination training/coaching program lays a solid foundation in core people management techniques and concepts.

  • Improve Team Productivity
  • Get Stronger Wider Buy-In To Initiatives
  • Boost Employee Satisfaction and Retention

These fundamental skills help new managers grow into strong business leaders.

About Combined Training and Coaching

Seminars can do the trick for networking and team building, but for retained and applied learning nothing beats intense training bursts followed by a period of personal reinforcement.

Content variety and repetition not only helps facilitate a variety of learning styles, it helps all learning styles retain and apply more.






"... brought so much of a change in me as a manager that I feel I was born as a manager.

Thanks & Regards"

Nandini Mehta
CCA & Training Manager






"... very flexible material that can be used to understand, solve challenges and implement varying aspects of both employment and personal nature.

I like the flow and systematic process...

always can't wait for the next chapter..."

Gloria Tibakunirwa
HR Manager

Course Objectives

This program has the following key objectives:

  1. Understand that management by decree is bad for employee morale and productivity
  2. Learn to recognize and work cooperatively with different personality types
  3. Start applying appropriate motivational strategies for each personality type on the job
  4. Learn the time-tested and practical "Get-It-Done" process methodology for teams

People Skills

The Manager Growth Curve

What does your current behavior say about your maturity and promotability as a manager? Set your frame of reference for where you are and where you want to be.

  • Manager Maturity
  • Team Management Styles
  • Team Development Styles
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Promotability

5 Keys to Leadership Mastery

A frank discussion on the difference between being a manager and being a leader. An opening discussion on on what it really takes to lead.

  • "I Have a Dream" - The Critial Importance of Focus
  • "Building Real Authority" - Motivation and Influence
  • "Maybe It Is My Fault" - Personal Accountability
  • "Setting Goals is Not Enough" - Choosing the Right Goals
  • "Show Me The Money" - Strong Business Sense
  • Using Coaches and Mentors

Motivational Management

  • Understanding Different Personality Types
  • The Key Factors of Influence
  • Focus and Motivation Strategies
  • Conflict Resolution
  • A Time-Tested "Get it Done" Process for Teams

Purposeful Communication

  • Introduction: Professional Communicators Plan
  • Do You Really Know What Your Trying to Accomplish?
  • The 3 Audiences You Must Reach To Succeed
  • Building and Using Communication Plans
  • Communicating to Get Buy-In
  • Communicating to Create Focus
  • Communicating to Keep Things Moving
  • Communicating with your Customers

The Science of Getting Things Done

  • Team Building - Do the Math
  • Decision Making Made Easy
  • Time Management is NOT a strategy
Engaging Your Consumers
  • The Concept of Internal Customers
  • Understanding What Value You Provide
  • Build Your Internal Customer List
  • How to Find Out What Your Customers Really Want
  • Getting Customer Ideas

Building Buy-In for Change

  • The Key Factors of Influence
  • Different Types of Change
  • Common Reactions to Change
  • Planning for Change
  • Change Execution
  • Handling Resistance
  • Making the Change Stick
The First 3 Weeks
Intensive 3 week kickstart program
  • 6 to 8 hours instruction per week
  • Real world assignments
  • Group coaching sessions
  • Recordings available so you never miss a class
The Next 8 Weeks
Reinforcement and implementation
  • Supplemental weekly training sessions
  • Reinforcement of kickstart lessons
  • Bi-weekly group coaching sessions
  • Office hours for instant support

The part that makes the learning stick and work.


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