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Management Fundamentals for New Managers

Registration Now Open

This extensive manager training program combines live learning, multi-media and 2 months followup coaching to introduce the fundamentals of strong management.

Extensive follow up coaching is used to turn classroom knowledge into daily action and routine.

  • Motivational strategies that get real results
  • Working with difficult people
  • Gaining automomy over your day
  • Advancing your career
  • Turning learning into action
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Ongoing Manager Development Programs

The following programs are offered periodically throughout the year and can be run on-request for as few as 5 students. On-request programs may also be tailored somewhat to address specific audiences and/or company challenges.

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Goal Achievement &
Focused Direction

Change Management Strategies
Learn to Set the Right Kinds of Goals.
Learn to Communicate Ideas Effectively
Learn When and How to Say "No"
Learn to Get People to Follow Through

Learn to get results that everyone can see

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People Skills

Working with Different Personalities
The Science of Influence
Long Term Motivation
Conflict Resolution
Employee Recognition

Communication strategies for managers

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Business Sense

Sales & Marketing Drivers
Business Cycles & Perspectives
Cost Control & Management
Core Business Financials
Common Sense Business Decisions

A solid business management foundation

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