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Training Resouces for HR Professionals

Finding and funding effective training programs is a challenge.
We'd like to share some best practices to help you get real results.

As a human resource professional it falls to you to provide effective training and development options for your managers, often without the budget to make them a reality.

One of the biggest challenges HR training managers face in this area is the fact that company leaders are tired of paying for training that has little to no effect on bottom line performance. They want to see results.

That's why we put together the comprehensive HR Guide to Manager Training Programs and started a newsletter to share best practices for training managers with HR professionals.

  • Learn what your business leaders are really looking for in a training program
  • Compare advantages and disadvantages of different training methods
  • Identify the highest value training for managers at each stage of their careers
  • Learn how to overcome management objections to training initiatives
  • Map your managers on the Manager Growth Curve to help uncover what they need most

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Author: Boundless Thinking
Manager Training Solutions