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Apr 30 to Jul 15, 2012
Distance Education
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Our Iron Clad Guarantee

If You're Willing To Take a Chance On Me, I'm Willing To Take a
Chance On YOU and Guarantee the Results of Your Training!

Ok, here's the deal...

If you promise me that you'll encourage your managers to put this training into use and allow them to experience the amazing results then I'm willing to give you this fail-safe double guarantee.

So Here's Why It's Physically Impossible For You To Lose...

Allow me to explain...

First, you need to be willing to place an order to reserve your spot. This is to ensure that only serious people apply.

There are two ways this investment can go for you.

First scenario: you put the Manager Development Program strategies and tactics to work and start to see how powerful the results really are... in which case you're probably going to need a calculator to figure out what your return on investment is.

Second scenario: For some reason your managers don't do anything with the material. They get distracted, or for some reason are unable to attend any of the classes (even thought this is almost imposible since we record and make replay audios available for review at their convenience). In this case you just send me a note and I'll get you a refund. No harm, no foul. No hard feelings.

Get a Return On Your Investment, or Get Your Money Back

Now I don't know about you, but I sure would like to find more training investments with those kinds of options.

But it gets better, because...

The "Iron Clad Double Guarantee" Ensures
Either YOU Succeed Or I Pay For Your Coaching...

Here's how it works...

Guarantee #1: 1 Week "Free Look"

Managers can attend the first week of classes to see if this course is right for you. If you determine that it isn't, just let me know and we'll gladly refund your money. No hassles. No hard feelings.

But even if you go beyond the unconditional guarantee period you're still protected by Guarantee #2...

Guarantee #2: 60 Day Personal Coaching Guarantee

This is crucial, so pay attention: Go through the training and complete all the Action Steps according to my instruction in the course. If by the end of 30 days you still haven't seen the value, let me know and I'll personally work with you for an additional 30 days at no extra charge.

I'll not only give you access to my private email address, I'll also allow you to schedule several 20-minute calls with me if necessary.

That's how serious I am about wanting you to succeed, and that's also how confident I am that this training really works! You see, if I don't hold up to my end of the bargain I'm out all the extra time I spend working with you one-on-one. This type of one-on-one coaching is a significant time investment for me and I normally charge several hundred dollars per hour for this. I'm guaranteeing you get it free for 30 days if you feel the course materials are insufficient.

I'll say it again one more time just in case you skimmed past it...



As long as you're committed, you simply cannot lose.

Reserve Your Spot Before It's Too Late
Class Sizes are Limited

Due to our highly hands-on approach there are limits to the number of people we can coach through the program at one time. Once we reach that limit we will have to close registration. First come - first served. Historically this special development program has only been offered once a year, so don't miss out.

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Best regards,

Daryl Cowie
P.S. Just so you know, some people think you have to be born a leader. That is simply not true. Unlikely leaders step forward every day from all backgrounds and walks of life. All that's needed is a reason, determination and basic education.

I am not a born charismatic leader. I had a desire, and I had some good teachers. For several years I have continually worked away at these strategies... refining them, adding to them.

The result is a method, a system, a way of thinking that has been applied very successfully over and over.

And of far more importance to you... I am now showing YOU how to apply this knowledge... over and over. In all kinds of management situations.

P.P.S. Remember, your satisfaction is totally guaranteed!