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\Apr 30 to Jul 15, 2012
Distance Education

Dozens of Industries - 100s of Companies - 1000s of People managers deserve the chance to learn from someone who has been where they are, not just someone who has been taught the theory...


"This course is the compilation of over 20 years of learning , study, experience, training and mentoring from many different people..

Over the years I have had the great priviledge of learning from a variety of people including successful University professors, entrepreneurs, division managers, sales managers, business owners, operations leaders, marketing gurus, instructors from GE's famous management training university in Crotonville (hailed by Harvard professors as having a stronger, more practical management training facility than Harvard), a few great supervisors, and a collection of people who's significant contribution was to show me what not to do.

I have had the awesome opportunity to travel the world and work with people from every continent (except Antarctica), and see some of the many ways people differ, and the many more ways in which we are all the same.

My trainers and colleagues have ranged from 100 thousand dollar business owners to heads of divisions sold for billions of dollars. I myself have had the opportunity to head up product lines with mid 8 figure annual sales, and to bring new products to market and nurture their growth from nothing into something real.

I feel fortunate for the opportunities I have been given in life and I think that all managers deserve a chance to learn from someone who has been in situations similar to their own and who has also already been where they are trying to go.

It’s easy for trained instructors to tell people what they should do, but you can only take your learning to that next level and learn to build truly actionable plans from someone who’s been there and understands the frustrations and challenges you face on a daily basis.

There are a lot of great books and classes out there on business and management, but our Manager Development Program goes beyond that.

This program is about more than setting the right course.It's about ongoing learning and coaching on communication strategies to keep you and your team motivated to acheive mutal objectives.

I have done this both the wrong way, and the right way in the past. I don’t just teach this, I live it in my own business and for my clients every day.

I know you'll enjoy the program”

Daryl Cowie,
President & Founder
Boundless Thinking


In this age, which believes that there is a short cut to everything, the greatest lesson to be learned is that the most difficult way is, in the long run, the easiest.

Henry Miller, American Author 1891-1980























Some of the Countries Represented by our Students






























Papua New Guinea






Russian Federation


Saudi Arabia




South Africa






United Kingdom


Unites States




Join the Thousands Already Benefiting From Boundless Thinking Management Training

Intensive training paired with followup coaching is the
most effective manager training available


Our management training program has been expanding over the past few years to help developing managers in over 30 countries.

Businesses from around the world are thrilled with the results.

"Hi Daryl

When I subscribed ... I was still in employment. That was in 2006. Today I am running my own business and I have been able to get major clients in a span of one year... You have given me advice that has been so helpful to me since I didn't have any management skills. I still continue to learn from you and I hope to do that for a long time.


John Kamwaro
Business Owner

"None of us are born managers, but your articles have brought so much of a change in me as a manager that I feel I was born as a manager.

Thanks & Regards,"

Nandini Mehta
CCA & Training Manager
Food Express Stores

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Dozens of Different Industries are Using Management Training Materials from Boundless Thinking

Air Conditioning Systems
Building Materials
Business Consulting
Colleges and Universities
Community Services
Computing Solutions
Corporate Consulting & Marketing Services
Corporate Legal Services
Custom Manufacturing
Customer Service Support
Data Center Software Solutions
Dental Laboratories
Display and Graphic Design
Drug Abuse Center
e-Commerce Solutions
Electronics Manufacturing
Emergency Medical Services
Energy, Entertainment, Capital
Engineering & Construction
Engineering Services
Equipment Manufacturer
Facilities Management
Family Counselling and Services
Family Law
Financial Services
Food and Health Supplements
Food Producers and Services
Global Outsourcing
Government Agencies
Graphic Design Companies
Health Foundations
High Tech Electronics
Home Renovations
Industrial Manufacturing
Information & Analytics
IT Services & Enterprise Solutions
Kitchen and Bath
Labelling Solutions
Lawn and GardenMerchant Services
Municipal Governments
Non-Profit Social Foundations
Nutrition & Hygiene
Office Space Providers
Offshore Recruiting
Precious Metals
Precision Measurement
Real Estate
Safety Certification
Safety Equipment
School Districts
Science & Technology Consulting
Sensor Design and Manufacture
Sign Making Solutions
Software Services
Staffing and Outsourcing Solutions
Steel Makers
Supply Chain Management
Training Solutions
Travel Industry
Veterinary Services
Young Leaders Associations

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"Hi Daryl

I just want to say that I've found your tips to be invaluable... In particular, your tips have helped me in decision making and reducing the level of procrastination that has been a bug bear for most of my career. I will continue to use the tips as they are not too lengthy and the info can be applied straight away."

Andrew Junaid
Chief Financial Officer
Learning Plus UK

"…these tips have been helpful as I am now acting manager of the largest LOTE (languages other than English) distributor/supplier in Australasia. I ended up in the position out of the blue and these tips have helped in enormous ways to understand the fundamentals of sales.

I have maintained an increase of 30% a month in sales per month and I do believe it's because I make sure I care about those I am dealing with and not treating them as a figure.

Thank you"

Kerrie Martin
Distributor/Supplier Manager
Melbourne Australia

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Staff from Hundreds of Companies Have Signed Up For Training from Boundless Thinking

Training materials have been delivered to hundreds of companies, including a few you might recognize:

Bayer Crop Science
Dun and Bradstreet
General Electric
Otis Elevator

Advent Global Solutions
Australian Department of Education
Barrick Gold Corporation
Buffalo Museum of Science
California Department of Insurance
Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Costal Carolina University
Defense Construction Canada
Delta Faucets
IET Institute of Engineering and Technology
India Times Business Solutions
Junior Chamber International
Lafarge North America
Mercer Consulting
New South Wales Department of Health (Australia)
News 14, Carolina
Omron Global
Reliance - ADA Group
Reliance Industries Ltd
South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust
Symantec (Veritas)
TATA Communications
Tennessee Government
The Columbian
Trane Air Conditioning
Weber Labels & Labelling Solutions

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"Dear Daryl,

The information sent by you is extremely good, it is very easy for a beginner to understand. It makes one's concept / fundamental clear. When I read your message, I feel as if I am attending your class physically.
It indeed helps me enrich my knowledge.

Thank you very much.

Best regards"

Goutam Roy Choudhury

"Hi, Daryl...

I have been in the direct sales/cosmetics industry for 27 years and am currently a hotel general manager (3 years) with a staff of 27. I really enjoyed the tips several weeks ago about what guest buys and why they buy. Yes, they do buy us first...the sales person! That was so evident in cosmetic sales...because they can purchase products anywhere.

In the hotel industry, over and over we have to rely on repeat business... and it was refreshing to be reminded the importance of great customer service."

Catherine Eyer
Hotel General Manager

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"thanks man,

Boundless Thinking has made some big impression on me and my work. I work in a training institute in Nigeria where we have to combine all the skills I have learnt from the sessions: finding leads, conversion and actually delivering, then get the feedback and try to develop the next proposal in line with new information. My boss has verbally commended my ability to market recently. This makes me very proud. I recommend you to all."

Ogar Joseph
Nigeria, Africa

"Hi Daryl,

I could not stand to stay still any more!
What do you expect? Complain? No way.

Actually I would feel guilty to keep quiet. It's true. The reasons are:

1. I think your [lessons] on achieving goals is great.
2. I felt I was involved in instead of just stay outside.
3. By experiencing your way to develop such business, I generally feel it's really possible...

I keep all the text and voice material.

It's good to see your business getting mature. The progress itself may be more teaching than your course.

Best regards,"

Jim Chen
Shanghai, China

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"Hi Daryl,

I've been a manager for some time now, and over the past 10 years have managed all types - from green graduates to experienced personnel.

The information I've been receiving is great. It's allowed me to enhance my abilities, as well as refresh some of the, shall we say, less refined ones.

I've used much of your content in day to day work and in training staff.
I've even passed on relevant areas to my manager - as a "here's something interesting" and as a subtle hint to - maybe you should sign up too!

Anyway, I'm learning heaps, and it's been great.

Keep up the great initiative.


Kathy Morgan
Veda Advantage Solutions Group
Sydney, Australia

"Hi Daryl,

I am a librarian, regional manager for a library that is still in the developmental stage. Many of the tips I receive from you I find to be invaluable and not only save them for future use but share them with the staff I currently have.

Even though my enterprise is not in the for-profit realm, I am still able to glean useful ideas from your tips. Some of these may not apply to my job but to my personal life and I find them all very helpful.


Ava L. Barrett, MLS
Principal Librarian, Regional Manager
Northwest Regional Library, USA

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"The information is very flexible material that can be used to understand, solve challenges and implement varying aspects of both employment and personal nature. I like the flow and systematic process of the management tips and always can't wait for the next chapter..."

Gloria Tibakunirwa
Human Resources Manager
Bank Of Africa - Uganda

"Boundless Thinking Management Tips has been an incredible help to our non-profit.

Writing goals and objectives for what you are impassioned over ought to be simple. However knowing what you want to do and showing it in a feasible cohesive manner for others to understand and follow has been an incredible challenge. Your tips are well written and easy to apply."

Linda Dodds
C.U.D.D.L.E. Outreach

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"Information received has been interesting and thought provoking. Anyone who requires training in management principles and anyone who just requires an update, will find these articles useful. Short and concise; filled with information and easy to use. This is a perfect example of "no pain - all gain".

Albert A. Prough
Akron, Ohio, U.S.A

"This Management Tutorial is really useful and can be practically implemented in real life.
The short lessons are well narrated and put across very good knowledge in less words."

Neeraj Shah

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Does this sound familiar...

"Why can't my managers just use some common sense . . ."

If this sounds familiar take heart you are not alone. The simple truth is that the current generation of managers was brought up in the era of instant gratification. Many have never been taught anything practical about how to drive positive change, resolve conflicts with others or even where money really comes from.

The good news is that it's never too late to learn how to make a difference. Let us help you take that first giant step towards making a real difference today.

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I have been studying those notes which you provided me and also getting the training on regular basis and I can say that this training module, notes and the information which you are providing are very useful. This is helping me in my MBA graduation.

This is an awesome opportunity for young generation and those people who are really interested in management education.

Thanks & Regards,"

Madhvi Sharma

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Real Return on Investment

More than ever businesses are demanding a real return on their training investments.

  • Increased Productivity
  • Reduction in Micro-Management
  • Improved Employee Satisfaction and Retention
  • Less Conflict in the Workplace

Managers are expected to drive positive change,
not just maintain the status-quo.

Most managers are willing to give more of themselves to your business if they see you taking steps to train and help them advance. When you invest in their education you both get something.

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In Manager Satisfaction Surveys We Hear the Same Things Over and Over

To be happy and committed at work managers want:

  • Opportunities for Promotion
  • More Autonomy & Authority
  • Job Security
  • Less Stress
  • A Company that Invests in Their Learning

All things an investment in their training shows them you are serious about providing.

Are You Ready to Unleash Your Management Potential?

"The best of the best in every industry - athletes, entertainers, and business people - use training and coaches to continuously grow and challenge themselves"

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Want More From Your Managers?

Combined training/coaching programs are your most effective training solution

3 Week Intensive Training
  • Communication Skills
  • Focusing & Motivating Teams
  • People Skills
  • Motivational Management Styles
  • Business Fundamentals
2 Months Coaching Followup
  • Monthly Teleseminars
  • Group Coaching sessions
  • Personal Feedback
  • Knowledge Retention Based Followup
  • Supplementary Training Materials

Unleash Your Management Potential

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